Exterior Cleaning Specialists

Rotaclean is an owner operated service specialising in all aspects of exterior cleaning, from domestic driveways and paths to commercial buildings and shopping centres. We are based in Hobart, Tasmania and are able to commit resources throughout the state.


Years of experience on various surfaces means we are able to work with confidence and knowledge to give our customers the best result.


Rotaclean has been servicing Tasmania for 20 years, many of our customers are serviced on a regular cycle, when we say we will be there; we will be there.


Rotaclean employees at all times conduct themselves with the professionalism and care that our customers deserve, whether large corporation or home owner.


We are a family run and local Tasmanian business we value the friendly service we receive and know that our success is based on the relationships we have built over the years.

Cleaning Services

Pressure Cleaning

A good job is not always hitting a surface as hard as you can! We have the expertise and the tools to pressure clean various surfaces, whether cleaning or removing stains.

Sports Surfaces

From synthetic grass to hard surface, from tennis courts to play areas, we have the experience and expertise to maintain the integrity of the surface, we are also able to offer full clean, this can restore the look and the functionality of the surface to almost new.

Graffiti Removal

Over 20 years of providing service we are able to remove the graffiti and maintain the original surface in most cases, whether on concrete, timber or sandstone we have the knowhow and experience.

Paint Removal

When removing paint you want the under surface to remain in the best possible condition, whether restoration on sandstone or to be repainted. Rotaclean can provide advice and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome.

High Dusting

100% Committed

We pride ourselves on consistently developing new and innovative ways to improve upon the services we deliver. It is our mission to minimise any environmental impact while maintaining the highest quality of work.

We service all areas of Tasmania and can stay overnight at any location.

Contact Us

Andrew Hennessy

0429 497 800

Hobart, Tasmania

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