Pressure Cleaning

Rotaclean has been servicing Tasmania for over 20 years, whether cold water high pressure or low pressure and heat, Rotaclean has the expertise and the experience to guarantee the job is done successfully and correctly.

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Whether you are cleaning up your paths, driveway or roof, Rotaclean can offer solutions for all. If you are considering selling your home the appearance can make the difference, First impressions are vital!

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Warehouses, Building wash downs/detailing, sky light cleaning, there are many instances where pressure cleaning has proved to be not only effective but delivered a result that has saved money for the customer, painting has not been needed, electricity charges reduced and slip hazards minimised.

Specialised Pressure Cleaning

Timber Pressure Cleaning

Revitalise your decking, wash down your weather board home, whether it is to prepare for painting/resurfacing or for aesthetic reasons we have the expertise to deliver the right result.

Steam Cleaning/Pressure Cleaning

Steam cleaning with pressure on sandstone, cleaned effectively and removed moss.

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